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Advanced UHF technology helps the guest to call the waiter or the floor manager whenever he needs service by pushing the table calling button, table number will appear on the waiter's pager. This system designed with a smart function to ensure the waiter will attend the calling table, waiter's pager will keep flashing & vibrating until the waiter attend the calling guest and cancel the call by pressing the cancel button on the table transmitter, same concept as in the airplane service. The guest can call the floor manger for urgent matter as well. this system will provide restaurant manager with instant feed back.
  • No more waving, signal, finger snapping or shouting to call the waiter
  • Increase sales with quicker and prompt service in the restaurant
  • Enhance efficiency of service with lower number of waiter
  • Perfect solution for restaurants with out-of-sight tables
  • Easy to install within 5 minutes
  • No wiring required
  • Coverage area 80-100m
  • One system services up to 1000 tables
  • Silent paging
  • Two types of pagers for convenient operation, belt type pager., watch type pager
  • The system designed to provide flexibility and simple to use for the guest and for the waiter
  • Up to 80-100 meter coverage, repeater is available for large restaurant and multiple levels
  • The system send silent alerts using flashing lights, vibration to your waiter
  • Table call transmitters and the waiter's pagers are rechargeable
  • Waiter pager will keep flashing until the waiter attend the guest and cancel the call from the table transmitter, to insure that your guest get the attention he deserve
  • Waiter's pager can remember the last 10 called tables and keep flashing until the waiter attend all the calling tables.
  • Flexible system, programmable table transmitter to assign each group of tables with one or more waiters
    Technical Features:
  • Durable and sturdy to withstand industry conditions
  • Programmable system ID to eliminate conflicts and over lapping with other restaurants
  • Flexible system, programmable table transmitter to assign each group of tables with one or more waiters
  • UHF Technology, up to 100 meter coverage, for large restaurants and multiple levels, repeaters are available
  • Smart charging, avoids over-charging the battery for long operation life, charge all pagers and transmitters in 4 hours
  • Manufactured in Korea
  • One year warranty
Technical specifications
    Table transmitter
  • Three buttons (Waiter, Manger and Cancel)
  • Two LEDs
  • Rechargeable one charge can last for 4 days
  • Wireless UHF
  • Operation Temperature: -10c to 60c
  • Dimension: 103 x 107 x 18mm

    Top view pager
  • POCSAG Code
  • Frequency Range: 424.0000 ~ 470.0000MHz
  • Seven Segments LCD Display
  • Automatic Back Light
  • Rechargeable with its own Charger Base
  • One charge last for 6 days
  • One button Switch for easy operation
  • Maximum 10 table number can be stored
  • Vibration & LED Flashing Alert Mode
  • Waiter Pager & Manager Pager Available

Coffee shops.
Office boy calling.
Billiards Clubs.
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Top View Pager

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