In dining restaurants,
Guests expecting the maximum value for their money, exceptional service creates customer loyalty ‘Happy guest is a potential returning customer’. we can offer the following solution to help restaurants meet their guest’s expectations. ​
Restaurant Calling System
Wireless bell or push buttons used in restaurants or coffee shops to help seated guests to call the waiter. Available in single push buttons or multi buttons to fit your operation. wireless call system customized to fit your business requirements.
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Wireless Server Paging System
Pagers used in restaurants, coffee shops, and fast food outlets to manage incoming customers. Also, pagers used to manage waiting guests in a busy restaurant. Fast food used the pagers to call the customers once their food order is ready for pick up.
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Wireless Guest Paging System

ServerCall Paging system used in dine in restaurants helping Chef calling runners to pick up foods from kitchen and deliver it hot and fresh to guests, also help Chef to alert restaurant’s manager for any problem in kitchen or food delivery delay.
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