wireless Nurse Call Solutions

Timely and Efficient Care of your patients

What Is Nurse Call System

 A wireless Nurse Call system is a communication system used in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals to enable patients or residents to request assistance from the nursing staff. it provides a way for patients to communicate their needs to caregivers efficiently and promptly.

How Wireless Nurse call System Works

wireless nurse call system

Wireless Nurse Calling System Products

Display Screen

The display screen is usually located at the nursing station and receives alerts from the call buttons. it displays information about the room or location allowing nurses to prioritize and respond to requests effectively.

syscall display screen SR-A330

Patient Buttons

These are the devices placed within reach of the patient, allowing them to initiate a call for help.

patient calling button

Wrist Watch Pager

when a call is made wrist watch pagers receive a notification to alert nurses. ensure that nurses can respond promptly to patient requests even if they are not in the immediate vicinity of the display screen.

wrsit watch pager

Toilet Pull Button

These are devices placed toilet handicapped, allowing them to initiate a call for help.

Toilet Pull Button

Light Indicator

Allow the nurse to see the patient’s emergency situation by light.

Light Indicator

Wireless Guest Paging System

Hand over the guest pager to the waiting patients.

Call the guest pager in their sequence of treatment.

Call the guest pager when the medicine is ready

wireless guest paging system (3)

Nurse Call Solution

The patient presses the call button, and the room or bed number will be shown on the receiver.

Nurses are also able to check the calls by the pager.