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Healthcare solutions in the UAE often include various technological advancements to improve patient care and streamline communication between patients and healthcare providers. One such solution is the implementation of patient-nurse calling systems. These systems are designed to facilitate communication and enhance the overall patient experience in healthcare facilities.

Here are some features of Health Care Solutions :

Doctor’s Office :

The doctor presses the button when patients exhibit violent behavior. It sends alerts to security staff by watch pager and display monitor. And also any passerby can be notified of the emergency through the corridor light next to the office’s entrance.

Patient room :

Patients press the button for assistance in an emergency. then the bed number will be displayed through the nurse’s pager and display monitor. Corridor light and nurse call software will also provide quick and timely care.

Disabled toilet :

Patients will pull the cord urgently needing assistance when using the toilet. The location number will be displayed through the nurse’s pager and display monitor. And also it provides visual and audible notifications through the corridor light.

Nurse call software :

Real-time monitoring system for hospitals.

Able to distinguish priority and normal calls.

Displays pop-up alert when priority call is received.

Able to record what was patient’s request and who is responded to a call.

One-click to change the view type: simple view or log view.

Client mode: Mirroring the same log data from the server pc.

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