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We are Al Sindan Elec. Devices Trd.
known as SET

Supplying On-Site Paging Solutions is what we do since 2002.

SET, proud that thousands of VIP clients are using our solutions across the UAE and GCC. Through our serious commitment and hard work with our suppliers, we recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Syscall brand from Korea. Syscall is one of the most reliable high-quality wireless product manufacturers in the field of on-site paging solutions.
Our professionally trained team takes care of our client’s requirements, thus offering them the best-tailored solutions to suit their business operations and the standard after-sales services we provide to our clients are the key to our success.

To see how our solutions positively impact your business, kindly click on the industry below that is most similar to yours.

Restaurant pagers

restaurant using pagers and call buttons

Restaurant Pagers are the core success factor for a restaurant. Restaurant Wireless calling system improves the quality and speed of service. Hence increase efficiency and decrease labor costs.

similarly. pagers restaurant.

hotels wireless bells

hotels using wireless bells and restaurant pagers

Hotels & Resorts
We offer call buttons and pager systems for Hotels and Resorts to improve customer satisfaction and revenue. Waiter calling system, Servercall pagers, and Table locator are must-have solutions.

similarly to pagers restaurant.

nurse calling

nurse calling system

Healthcare, Hospitals & Clinics
Hospitals, medical facilities, and health care use paging systems. pagers help manage incoming patients and also to help the patient to call for help.

similarly. pagers restaurant.

office boy calling

office use wireless bell to call office boy or tea boy

Office Boy Calling
We offer a state-of-the-art office boy calling system. Call Office Boy at the touch of a button. VIP Offices would benefit from this solution such as getting service on the spot, therefore quick service improves employee productivity.


retail shops

wireless bell used in retail to call for assistance

Retails & Hypermarket
Guest paging system prevents loss of buying customer due to long wait.


warehouse and loading area

warehouse and loading area using a paging system

Warehouses & Manufacturing
Wireless calling & paging systems improve communication henceforth improves efficiency in your facilities. pagers restaurant, correspondingly.
Paging Systems
SYSCALL On-site paging solutions help companies manage their potential customers in industries such as restaurants, healthcare, hotels, banks, customer service offices, valet parking, warehouses, and anywhere you want to professionally manage a queue. Paging solutions improve customer experience and satisfaction and that’s not all.
To learn more about how paging solutions can benefit your business operations, please click on the link below
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Wireless Bell Systems

SYSCALL’s wireless call buttons or wireless bell systems solutions, help the user to call for service or assistance by simply pushing a button. Industries such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, retail, and clubs are all businesses for which customer satisfaction is a critical factor in maximizing their profits. And that’s exactly what wireless bell systems solutions help you achieve.
To learn more about how the wireless bell solution will help you improve your business operation kindly click the link below.
in fact.


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