Wireless paging systems and Pager systems improves communication between your staff and increases work efficiency in your facilities. Mange truckers on loading bay. send instant notifications to your staff. our solutions will reduce manpower, reducing man power is saving in expenses. when running out of materials, machines are out of order and etc. then pagers comes handy. since 2002 SET we providing wireless pager systems solutions with after sales. keeping our clients happy is our priority. pager restaurant, pagers restaurant from SET. paging system. waiter calling system, waiter call systems. wireless call system. wireless paging system.

Call For Assistance

Wireless bell push buttons can be used in warehouses / manufacture to call the supervisor for assist. Buttons can easily be installed in each Aisle in your warehouse / factory production line. defiantly it will make the operation smother and more productive. Available in single push buttons or multi buttons to fit your operation. different models also available depends on function and requirements

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 Trucker Paging

Pagers can be used in warehouses to manage trucks queue at loading bay make the process more efficient and organized. our long range signal coverage will help truckers relax waiting in parking lots for their turns to proceed to loading bay. this arrangement will make life easy for the warehouse people improve their operation efficiently. different models also available depends on function and requirements

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 Staff Paging

Paging staff became easy even in some noisy warehouses were voice announcements are not really effective. management office can page the staff to report to office or sending short instruction messages to his pager.

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