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A wireless call system, also known as a wireless calling system or wireless paging system, is a communication system that enables individuals or groups to send and receive notifications or messages wirelessly. It is commonly used in various industries such as hospitality, healthcare, restaurants, retail, and manufacturing, where efficient communication and coordination are crucial.

Here’s how a wireless call system typically works:


The system consists of a transmitter, which is usually a handheld device or a fixed console. It allows the user to send a specific signal or message to the receiver or recipient.


The receiver can be a pager, a display panel, or a notification device carried by the recipient or located in a central area. It receives the signal or message sent by the transmitter and alerts the recipient accordingly.

Communication Protocol:

Wireless call systems use various communication protocols, such as radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR), or Wi-Fi, to transmit signals between the transmitter and receiver. The specific protocol depends on the system design and manufacturer.

Paging or Notification:

When the transmitter sends a signal, the receiver responds by notifying the recipient through audible alerts, vibrating signals, or visual displays. The method of notification depends on the type of receiver being used.

Two-Way Communication:

In some advanced wireless call systems, two-way communication is possible. This means that not only can the transmitter send signals, but the recipient can also respond or acknowledge the message using a corresponding device.


Wireless call systems offer several benefits, including increased mobility, faster communication, and flexibility in terms of system setup. They can improve operational efficiency, customer service, and overall communication within an organization. Common applications include waiter paging in restaurants, nurse call systems in healthcare facilities, staff communication in retail environments, and guest notification in hotels.

how to select call bell

When selecting a wireless call system, consider factors such as the range and coverage area, battery life of the transmitters and receivers, ease of use, durability, and the specific features required for your particular use case. Different systems may offer additional features like integration with other communication devices, programmable messaging options, and the ability to track response times.

syscall call bell system

A wireless call system increases the level of service at the premises. Used in many applications to call service or help, our systems are high-quality products from Syscall – Korea. Wireless Bell System consists of a wall-mounted LED screen or wrist pager (receiver) and many push buttons (transmitter) not to mention that each push button is programmed with a specific unique number.

Whenever you press the call button, immediately the number appears on the page (receiver). in fact, push buttons are essential to many businesses. syscall wireless bell system, wireless call system, wireless calling system in UAE.

wireless bell system

A wireless bell system is a type of doorbell or notification system that operates without the need for physical wires to connect the components. It uses wireless technology, such as radio waves or Wi-Fi, to transmit signals between the doorbell button and the receiver unit.

syscall Wireless Push Buttons

  • ST-100 Single Button
  • ST-300 Two Buttons
  • ST-800 Three Buttons
  • ST-500 Two/Three Buttons
  • ST-4006 Six buttons
  • SHS-100 Two buttons (Patient)
  • ST-E1 Call and Clear Emergency Call Button

syscall wireless receivers

  • SR-A Series Three Windows Display
  • SB-700 Wrist Pager

In a typical wireless bell system, there are two main components:

Doorbell button

The doorbell button is usually installed near the entrance of a building or home, and it serves as a trigger for the system. When the button is pressed, it sends a wireless signal to the receiver unit.

receiver unit.

The receiver unit is located inside the building or home and is responsible for producing the audible or visual notifications when the doorbell button is pressed. It can be a standalone device that plugs into a power outlet or a part of a more complex home automation system.

Syscall Restaurant Calling Solutions

  • Customers will press the call button if they want to order something, and the table number will be shown on the receiver Screen.
  • The waiter is able to figure that which tables need service.
Restaurant Calling System

Syscall Wireless Guest Paging System

  • When a customer will give you an order, Hand over the guest pager to customers after ordering.
  • When an order is ready, the staff calls the customer with the pager through the transmitter and the customer comes to the counter to collect his food and hand over the pager to the staff.
Wireless Guest Paging System

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