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Improving patient flow is a critical component of process management in hospitals, medical facilities. The efficient patient flow will increase your healthcare facilities’ revenue and, more importantly, keep your patients satisfied and safer. Failing to achieve the proper care at the right time puts your patient at risk, and negatively impacts your overall facility operational. SYSCALL offers a wide range of solutions to optimize patient flow in your facilities, and reduce error, solutions such as the nurse call system provides fast and clear communication between the patient and the nurses. SYSCALL solutions can also be used to manage patients’ wait time at the pharmacy or to get in the doctor’s office.efore, first, in fact. indeed, too, moreover, coupled with, also, then, equally, like, as

Wireless Nurse Call Solution

SYSCALL Nurse Call System is a wireless hand-held nurse call button with an embedded magnet for easy attachment to the patient’s bed. When a patient pushes the button, the nurse will receive a notification with the patient’s bed location to assist the patient, and providing rapid care.

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Nurse Call Software

SYSCALL Nurse Call System can be integrated seamlessly with Nurse Call Monitoring Software, which is designed for healthcare facilities to instantly notify nurses with calls, nurse can leave a note on the software what was the patient’s call request, and what she/he responds, keep track of the response time, and make management aware of the patient flow and of any slow-moving staff members.

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Pharmacy Queuing Pagers

Pagers improve patients satisfaction at the pharmacy by keeping them relaxed and seated instead of queuing in a line waiting. Simply Hand over the pager to the waiting patient by their sequence of treatment. When the medicine is ready call the pager by entering the pager no. on the transmitter.

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Doctor Office

With a six push-button transmitter in the doctor’s office, allow the doctor to call the nurse, security, or other staff for assistance.

Doctor paging solution


Sending messages to roaming doctors in the hospitals request them for example to attend to the emergence room. this all can be done using a custom-made solution provided by Syscall to fit the hospital’s unique operational requirements.

Code Blue

Code blue is the most universally recognized emergency code. Code blue means there is a medical emergency occurring within the hospital.

Corridor Light


  • It is a Corridor Light which is commonly set above the hospital ward’s entrance.
  • Provides visual notification outside the room when a patient needs assistance.
  • Able to indicate 7 LED colors and/or 5 different melodies by the situations.
  • Smartly recognizes whether it is a priority or a normal bell.

The nurse call system in hospitals is vital to making sure patients receive the care they need. These systems are necessary, where they provide patients access to quick and timely care. Especially if it’s an emergency, you can trust that a medical professional will have an accurate alert. In addition to this timely response, the room, toilet, and bed number also appear providing nurses a clear understanding of where the patient is, and limits time wasted. Nurse Call Systems also scale back the amount of disruption a patient could potentially cause, minimizing distractions in the workplace. Helping nurses to remain organized with their communication 24/7. Nurses could have the option of wearing a device to make the alerts even more immediate.  SYSCALL Nurse call system can be connected to Software to keep track of the response time, making management aware of any slow-moving staff members.

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